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School Departments
School Departments

Your child’s 21st century education starts at CAM!

We carefully select experiences and activities based on the developmental needs of each level. We considered the learning styles of students to boost their strengths and develop their higher order of thinking skills in the context of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and Christian values.


Christian Academy of Makati uses the Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum (DAC) for its pre-school instruction while adapting the whole-brain approach in choosing fun and learning activities that cater to all kinds of learners according to their developmental skills. Thematic lessons ensure development of holistic concepts for young learners. Through these carefully guided lessons CAM brings out the best in your child.

Grade School

We adopt active and collaborative learning as its curricular approach to grade school instruction. The application of teamwork in learning concepts must touch not only the mental and emotional dimensions, it also highlights movement education and spiritual integration to make learning fun, interesting and lasting to each kind of students.

High School

Secondary education at CAM accentuates innovative thinking and creative ways of doing things in its delivery of high school curricula. This is to prepare its graduates for the highly competitive and technology-driven society while integrating life lessons in integrity, entrepreneurship, leadership and social service.

Senior High School

CAM Senior High School Program offers unique and intensive preparation for College level skill requirement in HUMSS Strand (Humanities & Social Sciences), ABM Strand (Accounting & Business Management ) and GAS ( General Academic Strand) .

Special Education (SPED)

Our school's loving and accepting environmeent as well as our healthy class ratio is the most nurturing climate to develop the maximum potential of the child with special needs, enabling him/mer to become self-reliant.